Mother and Daughter who obtained homeownership through the tiny house movement


The Willow Tree is a 416 sq ft tiny home built by Midwest Tiny Living.This house was designed by myself, Stephanie Kubes, and the build was a collaborative effort between me and Midwest Tiny Living LLC. INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: MIDWEST TINY LIVING: MTL INSTAGRAM:

About Me

Meet Stephanie, a single-mother of a young daughter who loves living an off-grid, minimalist lifestyle in her tiny house on wheels, The Willow Tree.

The Willow Tree


Step inside The Willow Tree, built by Midwest Tiny Living, a Tiny House on Wheels that Stephanie custom designed herself where she lives with her 4 year old daughter.

Midwest Tiny Living LLC


Love my tiny and want your own? Check out Midwest Tiny Living, the builders behind The Willow Tree. From a foundation trailer to a fully built home, MTL can guide you through every step!


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