Seeing is believing

I finally saw the trailer! I came, I saw, I touched, I hugged. It is in fact real and does exist in the physical world! I had such a blast hanging out with Matt and Ryan and having a little photoshoot with the trailer! I have viewed so many other "here's my trailer" photos that it's surreal to be posting my own! So here it is, my custom built, 30ft tiny house trailer!

Let the build begin!

Well, it has felt like an eternity, but the day has finally arrived. Midsota Manufacturing begins building my trailer today! After years of dreaming and planning, it's difficult to believe that today marks the day that my tiny house actually exists in some way in the physical world. Making two house payments so far on a home that doesn't exist has been a little nerve wrecking, but it's all apart of #mytinyjourney and I embrace it!

The plan is to go check out the progress next Monday which is also my 30th birthday! This year I would say marks a significant step in my journey and I find it very fitting that I'll be able to see and touch the foundation of my home on my birthday. I am ready to take my 30's on and I couldn't be more thrilled to be doing it tiny. 

With summer upon us, it's tiny house festival season and so I decided to finally make some business cards!

Two Girls and a Tiny Business Cards

Two Girls and a Tiny Business Cards

I am beyond excited to be able to start handing these out to people who are interested in following along on #mytinyjourney ! I meet a lot of new people and so many are intrigued with the idea of living tiny and rarely encounter someone who actually does. Well, #tinyhousepeoplearereal !!

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me along the way! Let the build begin!