The (not so) tiny updates

It's been weeks since I've blogged. I've let so many memories, stories, moments and emotions pass by without documenting it all the way I wanted. I have shared a lot of photographs but even that has been dwindling. I'm feeling fatigued, but I am still moving forward each day at a time. The build has carried on and the tiny has started looking more like a home! 


A really fun and fantastic new development is that Midwest Tiny Living has asked me to join their team (it was a team of 1) as their Project Manager and Consultant! I've been taking over the majority of client communications and have been helping to guide our next clients through their tiny house journey with Midwest Tiny Living! It has been so fun to help others within the tiny house movement and my 5 years of preparation and forethought into my design is really helping others to envision their very own dream tiny home!


Ryan and I will be heading to Midwest Tiny Fest next weekend to really explore the local midwest tiny house community. The festival is taking place in Iowa, and they say it's where the tiny house movement began! Jay Shafer, the man who is well known in the community as the man who built the very first tiny house on wheels will be speaking and we will get to attend his talk, as well as many other midwest tiny house dwellers and builders.


Kim Kasl will also be speaking which will be a joy to finally meet her and gain more of her insight on minimalism and tiny living! She is a local Minnesotan whose family has really blossomed in their Minnesotan lake front property tiny house dream. She has already been so supportive, reaching out to me on Facebook and privately messaging with me to keep me motivated and encouraged. She has never let my mind and spirit drift from what tiny living is really all about! 


I also have an interesting twist of fate unfolding currently that I am waiting a little longer to reveal any information about. I'm giving The Universe sometime to show me how it's going to work out before I can really say what will come of it so stay tuned for more updates on that as well as the build. I will be at the shop this Sunday sun up to sun down working to get walls, floors and ceilings in. I could certainly use some helping hands so shout out if you're willing!